Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Mellon Energy's vision is to use the most advanced technology and design techniques in order to the way towards sustainable and friendly future cities. 

At the time, houses, commercial buildings, offices, shopping centers, industrial buildings, technological and industrial parks have the ability to collect solar energy and become producers of electric power. In the near future, the majority of the buildings will produce part of their electricity demand by Renewable Energy Sources. They might also support autonomous operation or even become positive energy buildings, i.e. they can cover all their power demand and at the same time provide the surplus of their production into the electricity grid. At Mellon Energy we consider every building as a potential energy production unit. 

Utilizing the technological evolution, our strong partnerships and the experience of our people, we design advanced Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems, highly adaptable to the needs of our clients, achieving a new relationship between a building and the environment. We design and install safe and efficient BIPV systems with the lowest possible impact to the architecture and the aesthetics of the building.