"For all of us at Mellon Energy, organic waste is not a residue but an unknown source of income. We "extract" this urban resource and we redistribute it into the society in a usable form, compost."

Considering that forty percent (40%) of municipal solid waste (MSW) is organic matter, implementation of comprehensive management system includes the composting process. This process is based on the specific activity of aerobic micro-organisms that live around us.

Important factors for the smooth growth of these microorganisms and their desired activity is the kind of waste, the composting technology applied and the environmental conditions. For a sample:

  1. The temperature range between forty (40 º C) and sixty five(65 º C) degrees is necessary for the elimination of pathogens, parasites, etc.
  2. Oxygen (O2) is completely necessary because it is an aerobic process.
  3. The humidity during the composting process should be between forty (40%) and sixty (60%) percent.
  4. The C/N ratio (C:N) or Carbon-to-Nitrogen ratio must be between 25 and 35.

The compost is a type of organic substrate that is created naturally through biochemical decomposition of the organic matter in an oxygen-rich environment and avoiding rot. When the compost is derived from this process is an ideal soil conditioner and therefore it can be used as fertilizer. Also, compost is the product which ecological agriculture is based on.

("In Mellon Energy we offer the perfect solution to any producer of organic waste considering the use of the finished product, compost.")

Domestic Composting (small producers)

Multicomp composters series are manually operated, rotary, thermally isolated from the environment and equipped with up to three bins for the admission of the organic waste. Addressed to homes, small farms, small shops etc. The produced compost can be for soli fertilization purposes..

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Automatic units (medium and large producers)

Biocomp Comercial and Biocomp Industrial composters series mainly concern medium and large producers of organic waste. This automatic rotational composters machines are closed, isolated, with oxygenation, shredding, mixing, processing and finish product unloading systems. It is suitable for application in the military camps, food industries, hotels, farms, neighbouring communities slaughterhouses, fish farms, neighbouring communities, golf, malls, etc.

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Open field composting (small-medium and large producers)

The main purpose of composting is not only the simple management of the organic waste but also its conversion into a compost A+ quality (i.e. soil-and environmentally friendly humus) for commercial distribution and use.We offer the option of the agro-municipal composting.

The transformation methodology of organic waste (solid and liquid) into compost (organic fertilizer source) implemented by Mellon Energy, is a much more quick process (6 weeks) compared to conventional practices (3 - 5 months). We control, in a continuous manner, the variables (temperature, humidity, CO2 level, pH and oxygenation) needed by microorganisms to convert organic material into a compost A+ quality and we succeed a quick decomposition process. In that way we a re capable to process a larger quantity of organic matter (waste and residues) with fewer resources. This result to greater compost production.