Mellon Energy is driving the transition to the new era in lighting. Energy efficiency and environmental footprint reduction are at the top of the agenda and of every modern public or private organization. 
The reasons why to upgrade your lighting system with Mellon Energy are the energy consumption reduction and thus the energy costs, the optimization of the lighting quality, the environmental protection and the improvement of the environmental performance of your organization.
In Mellon Energy we design and install innovative lighting solutions for offices, homes, urban spaces, industrial buildings, monuments, streets and malls.

After you contact one of our solar experts, we go to work immediately to determine which solution is technically and economically right for you.  Here are the steps we’ll walk you through: 

  • Feasibility and cost benefit analysis
  • Energy audit
  • Contract signing
  • Lighting design
  • Energy study
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Lighting system installation
  • Management system installation

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