Waste Management

Following the recent European guidelines concerning waste management (2008/98/EK), enterprises and organizations should comply with the new environmental regulations in an effective, responsible and secure way. The need to provide and apply integrated solutions towards this direction is obvious.

«At Mellon Energy we work for a society in which wastes

should not be considered as a problem but as a valuable resource»

Mellon Energy provides integrated solutions for waste management at private companies, public and private organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our main target is to integrate the solutions in a sustainable way (environment and economy), with responsibility and security, following the relative regulations.

Mellon Energy’s services incorporate the following aspects:

  • Study and application of integrated solutions for waste management
  • Consulting support on waste management issues at both public and private organizations
  • Analysis of waste collection and processing systems 
  • Strategies for reuse, reduce and recycle of wastes 
  • Design, development, deployment and maintenance of recycling and waste collection equipment
  • Technical support

Contact us and let us be your reliable partner who will drive your organization to a higher level of environmental awareness adding value to your products and/or services.