Research & Development

The global business environment becomes more and more competitive. The communities all over the world realize their responsibility in protecting our home, earth. The governments adopt harder than ever environmental legislation related to almost every social and economical activity. All the above, are undeniable facts and trends with significant and important impact to countries worldwide, organizations, big corporations, SMEs but also to the smallest part of our society, the human beings.

In this rapidly changing environment, we realized that we are obliged to make a contribution to this global effort of tackling climate change. So we founded the Mellon Energy Research and Development (MER&D) department, which covers almost all of the technologies that we are involved with. We mostly try to find better ways to use the existing clean technology and put it into every day's life, in businesses, in municipalities and in governments. We are trying to create tailored, commercial products using and effectively combining existing clean technology.

We are also researching for new products and solutions in areas such as smart grids, ICT energy efficiency software and hardware, power plant optimization methodologies and efficient energy use in buildings.
Finally, while researching for new technologies or how to effectively use the existing ones, we organize think tanks to research for modern and revolutionary policies and ways to rise public awareness, regarding environmental conservation, because we believe that policy is the other part of the solution. We are trying, together with governments and corporations to find new ways to meet this big challenge.

If you believe you can contribute in that effort in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us!